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April 24, 2022

Have some of your clients forgotten to pay an invoice or two? There is a simple way to send out past due invoices with iSolutions. Here’s how to do it:

Inside of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, click “Actions” under the customer record pull up the iSolutions Collection window using the iSolutions app found here.



Inside of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, go to the customer record and pull up the iSolutions Collections window under actions.

Select one or more invoices

On the Collections form below, you can select multiple past due invoices to email. Once you have selected the invoices to be emailed, simply click on the email button highlighted.

Your customer will receive the below email. They can open up and review the specific invoice(s) that were sent and attached as a PDF file. They can also click the “View Open Invoices” button, which will allow them to see all invoices they have not yet paid on their account.

They can then select which invoice(s) they would like to pay today.

Then, they will be asked to enter their payment information.

Once they submit payment, they will be notified that the payment was successful.

They can then check their email for a receipt.

Once you go back into Business Central, you will see the invoices that the customer selected and paid will fall off the collections screen.

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