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iPayments Release Notes for Business Central

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Fixes made in versions and July 9,2024

  • Verify Bill-to customer change on Sales document if cc. Will no longer allow to change the customer on a Sales Quote, Sales Order or Unposted Sales Invoice when a Credit Card Authorize or Capture has been processed.
  • MEM compatibility with Batch Mgr.
  • If Auto Post toggled off, Batch Mgr. will not post automatically.

Fixes made in versions and May 10, 2024

Merchant Batch Mgr.

  • Check for assigned No. Series on the batch setup record
  • Add warning if the Batch No. Series varies from the Merchant setup No. Series
  • Update batch totals on page after processing
  • Fix  PayPal refund “bad request” when refunding On Account payment
  • Fix when expired authorization error preventing additional transaction from being processed.
  • When processing On Account payment the External Document No. posts to the Cust. Ledger Entry

Fixes made in versions and April 24, 2024

  • Fixes an issue with Merchant Batch Process Mgr. in versions, and
  • When Processing payments in the Merchant Batch Process Mgr. for multiple Customers, the iPayments Transaction was updated with the wrong payment no.
  • When looking at iPayment history for the Customer, it was then showing payments for All customers that had payments run at the same time.

Please install the update prior to running the Merchant Batch Process Mgr.

Let us know if you have processed payments with this feature and have any data showing this duplicate payment issue.

Fixes made in version, and

  • “On Account” – Assign Deposit Account when posting an “On Account” customer payment from Customer Card
  • Refund – Use Work Date vs original posting date
  • Service Invoices – HPP ACH payments to post as Capture, not Authorization
  • POS – default Payment Method from user setup
  • iFrame – Prevent conv. fee for ACH e-commerce (ad-hoc) payments

Fixes made in this version – March 6th, 2024

•  iPayment Settings – Processing Options has Disable Authorizations marked. HPP Settings for the Merchant – Processing Options – Blank for both Orders and Quotes is no longer available. Must select to Authorize or Capture on Quotes and Orders with Click to Pay.

• When sending email to request customer to Add a Credit Card Profile or make a payment through HPP, the Salesperson was not being notified that Profile added or Payment Made. Even when the option is toggled on. Salesperson will now receive notification when option is toggled on.

• Dimensions on the convenience fee will now use the same dimension as the Cash Receipt. Currently pulling from the salesperson.

• Corrected error when trying to delete ACH/E-Check profile from Customer Profile window. No error when deleting from Merchant Profile window. It is now possible to delete an ACH/E-Check profile from the Customer Profile window.

• Corrected an issue with an error message trying to email out of Collections with more than one email separated by a ; with our without a space.

• Corrected issue with the Bolt Device that continued to prompt for signature even when the setting toggle was off.

• Processing Card errors with foreign addresses. Fixed so that when the country is not US or CAN then we do not send in the zip code.

• Add capture option to PayPal eCommerce integration.

Fixes made in this version – January 6th, 2024

• Collections – Option to add customer_no in email Subject Line for emails, Plan notices too

• Collections Transfer – Only transfer selected customers to the new collector (vs. all)

• Collection Manager – Flag Customer record as temporary;  (and honor Customer record custom permissions)

• Merchant Batch Manager – Compute Remaining Amount with payment terms.  Add Disc Taken field and Add *Customer No.         along with Profile Id (issue when same Profile Id exists on multiple customers)

• Request Customer Deposit – Set the deposit account no. from the Merchant and Auto send receipt and use deposit account no.

• Add Card Expiration Date field to profile list page for display

• Suppress Payment Tolerance warning for all iPayment Transactions

Fixes made in this version – January 4th, 2024

• Use default merchant from customer dimensions for collections url click-to-pay link

• Update encoding on report rendering for different languages

•  Add link to sent mail on Collection Notes

•  Add logging for Payment Tolerance troubleshooting

•  Add Collector Activities list for reporting

•  Add dimension fields on Customer Collections document list

•  Add Card Updater job for syncing profiles with CardConnect

•  Remove ” ” on Merchant Hpp settings for processing options with Quotes and Orders

Fixes made in this version

• Error Card Info./Remit No. field length if it was less than 4 chars. Errored on report.
• Issue when trying to manually Add a new Credit Card Profile in Customer Collection to
process payment with – iPayment processing was using the existing Profile instead.
• Collections: Create Cash Receipt. When selecting multiple records the sum amount was
used to create Payments vs the Process Amount entered by the user.

Feature Requests:
• New HTML Editor on email templates