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iSolutions makes it easy to collect payments and automate the Accounts Receivable process within Business Central. With native Business Central functionality, the iPayment App streamlines collections and removes hours of manual A/R tasks from your workload.

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Product Features

Get everything you need to streamline Accounts Receivable within Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Collection Reminders

Click to Pay

Credit Card/eCheck

Point of Sale

Customer Payment Portal

Level 2/3 Processing

Auto Reconciliation


Key Benefits

  • Eliminate rekeying entries between payment and financial systems
  • Streamline collections by including payment hyperlinks on invoices
  • Reduce and eliminate card fees
  • Improve payment security posture
  • Comply with PCI DSS
  • Enable eCommerce payments
  • Speed up accounts receivable to reduce average days sales outstanding
  • Streamline collections
  • Reconcile payments in real time
  • Card Account Updater
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The iSolutions credit card payment process runs seamlessly in the background. For our sales team, it all happens in Business Central. And for our customers, the link takes them to an intuitive screen to enter their payment information. Because it’s so smooth, they don’t realize the iSolutions process is running in the background.

We can access reports in iSolutions that allow us to sort invoices by any attribute we require,” says Meaghan Mullgardt, the SABRE CFO. “By promptly following up on overdue invoices and sending an email with the payment link created by iSolutions, we are decreasing our average days sales outstanding on our invoices, which helps us and speed up our cash flow.

We love the iSolutions app. By making payments and invoicing easier, customers are more likely to do business with us. And with the processes flowing more smoothly internally, iSolutions helps speed up our cash flow.

Joe Cagiano, National Sales Manager, SDiFire

Meaghan Mullgardt, SABRE CFO

Sheryl Williams, Image Source VP of Finance & Operations

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