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iSolutions specializes in Microsoft Dynamics 365 integrated payments. Knowing the systems so well, we can customize your Dynamics Software installation to optimize your business processes and make you more effective. iSolutions promises to give you the best service at reasonable prices, and everything is transparent.

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And what exactly is Interchange Plus?

“Interchange” is a credit card processing term which indicates the fee the credit card brand and issuing bank charge for every credit card transaction. On top of interchange, you will either be charged a flat rate processing fee or Interchange Plus pricing—a flat markup charge per transaction. For most businesses, Interchange Plus results in a significantly lower rate…meaning you save money.



Allow your business to get paid faster and easier with recurring payment portals.

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It’s our job to know all the ins and outs of credit card processing and to stay up-to-date with the latest industry technology and trends. We do this so you don’t have to. But we also believe education is power, so we distill what we’ve gleaned into easy-to-understand chunks. Want to follow along?

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“I cannot recommend iSolutions highly enough! Not only have we saved time and improved efficiencies with our Microsoft Dynamics GP integration, but we saved money by switching to the software, so it was an instant ROI. On top of everything, iSolutions has been so easy and pleasant to work with and offers responsive support and training for our end users. A+ experience, all around!”


“OnTarget CPA switched to iSolutions during the height of our tax season and achieved hundreds of dollars in savings during the first two months. As a trusted advisor to the businesses we represent, we want to help you achieve the same type of savings for your company. With excellent rates that are typically only accessible by larger business, OnTarget CPA recommends you take advantage of the iSolutions.”


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