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May 2, 2022

Clover POS Systems — Features



Clover System accepts credit cards, debit cards, gift cards, and contactless payments. So, Let your customers pay how they want to pay.

– Swipe, dip and tap. Magnetic Strip, chip cards.

Use it as a complete POS or a standalone payment system.




Gain real-time insights into the trends and data that are driving your business.

Use the Reporting app to run reports on Clover devices:

  • Discounts
  • Items
  • Payments
  •  Taxes



Gift Cards

Enjoy a full spectrum of gift card tools from custom branding to managing card inventory.

Physical gift cards

Choose from over 70 design templates or upload your own custom-branded gift cards. (Order in just minutes.)

Digital gift cards

Make buying and redeeming gift cards a breeze for your customers. Digital gift cards work on any smart mobile device.

Track gift card sales

In addition, get the full picture on your gift card sales and redemptions with Clover Gift Card reports.



Clover POS systems – Features to help run your business

Even more, Clover helps you support and manage your employees so they can make you thrive.

Gusto: Payroll, Benefits, and HR tools.

Time Clock: Set schedules and shifts, manage time off.

Tip Pooling: Pooling and Distributing gratuities and revenue sharing.

Commissions: Calculate commissions.

Run reports, Set access permission.

Financial Solutions

Certainly cash flow should be an asset. Get access to the funds you need to run your business, on demand, not strings attached.

Virtual Terminal

Clover Virtual Terminal gives you flexibility and convenience of processing payments and refunds, wherever you are.

Log into your Clover Web Dashboard from a smartphone, tablet, or computer. You are ready for business anytime, anywhere.

Capital Advance

Borrowing money through a load isn’t the only option. It is easier than ever to get the funds you need using Clover Capital.

Capital Advance – A program that turns your future credit card sales into working capital.

Rapid Deposit

Rapid Deposit gets you funds on demand: Day or night, weekends and holidays.

Clover Rapid Deposit service provides faster access to the funds generated by sales transactions.

Thereby allowing you to avoid the delay or lag time of the traditional settlement funding process. (A 1% fee applies.)


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