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June 29, 2024

Leading Microsoft partners including Stoneridge Software, RSM, Velosio, Western Computer, JourneyTEAM, and more recommend iSolutions to automate payments and collections for Dynamics 365 Business Central. With a focus on customer service, iSolutions offers a robust, reliable product at an affordable price. A few of the reasons hundreds of businesses rely on iSolutions as their payment processor include proven (and nearly immediate) ROI, the ability to streamline processes and reduce manual efforts, and the opportunity to provide an enhanced experience to customers.

Reduction in Fees

Motley Fool reports that the average credit card processing fee for each transaction can range from 1.5% to 3.15%. However, businesses can see fees on top of those percentages for interchange or assessment fees. With iSolutions, many businesses see significant decreases in fees, including Baden Sports who benefitted from a 1% reduction in fees.

“We estimate we have reduced our credit card transaction fees by approximately 20 percent thanks to this capability iSolutions provides.”

– Kathi Grau, Credit Card and Collections Manager, SABRE

“We couldn’t justify adding a convenience fee before but now we can because the system actually is convenient. It’s easy and it works right. iSolutions easily paid for itself multiple times in one month.”

Casey Schindler, COO, Baden Sports

Streamlined Processes

Organizations that currently require manual steps to process payments, integrate payment data into their ERP system, or obtain authorization for payment will see fast results with iSolutions automated platform. With a single solution to offer both credit card and collections processing, businesses not only have visibility into who has made payments, but can process those payments quickly and follow up to collect payments that have not been made.

At SDiFire, they needed a streamlined quote-to-cash process. With iSolutions they have significantly sped up their sales process:

  1. iSolutions, within Business Central, automatically emails sales quotes to customers that include a payment link
  2. The payment transaction is automatically updated in Business Central, where a sales order is created
  3. Shipping logistic charges and taxes are automatically added to the sales order
  4. The customer’s credit card is charged upon fulfillment of the order and a receipt is automatically emailed to the customer. Simultaneously BC is updated to indicate the invoice has been paid.

No matter how simple or complex your current payment process is, iSolutions provides time savings through streamlined automation.


“The administrative time the internal sales team spends on creating quotes and turning them into sales orders has decreased by 50%, and I suspect customers have reduced the time they spend on credit card payments by a similar amount.”

Joe Cagiano, National Sales Manager, SDi

Enhanced Customer Experience

In today’s world, customers anticipate a seamless payment experience that offers multiple options, including ACH and credit card transactions, available both in-store and online. They expect transactions to be fast and want access to their payment history, upcoming payments, and customer records. Leading businesses have invested in providing these services, putting those without a convenient payment solution at a disadvantage.

With iSolutions, you can offer fast, reliable payment options for your customers through ACH and online. Additionally, with a customer portal included with iSolutions, your customers have access to their purchase information from any device at any time.

Mama Lola’s achieved ROI within 30 days of deploying the iSolutions platform.

“With the implementation and ongoing monthly costs, we receive great value in the way we improved collections. During that first month, the revenue we collected increased by 25%.”

Devin Adams, Chief Information Systems Analyst, Mama Lolas

If you’re a Business Central user and you’re looking to make the payment process simpler and easier for both your customers and your team, iSolutions is the clear answer. Reach out to our team today to see a demo and learn more.