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March 14, 2024

Sometimes moving an opportunity to a closed deal isn’t only determined by the products or services that you provide, but instead by the ease of working your organization. When time means money, and access to the right data could mean deal or no deal, it’s more important than ever that your sales team has the tools and information they need.

A growing number of today’s leading small to mid sized businesses are using Dynamics 365 Business Central to manage their operations – a great choice, especially for those who want to make invoicing and payments faster and simpler.

From Opportunity to Invoice, Faster

Faster, More Detailed Sales Quotes

When a member of your sales team is ready to close a deal, they can immediately generate a sales quote directly in Business Central, accessed through any device, including mobile phones or tablets. With a seamless integration to Outlook, your sales team members can send any sales quote immediately via email.

The sales quote should include the specific details of the purchase, including delivery and payment terms or information on any rates or special discounts. While you negotiate with the customer or prospect, you can change and resend the sales quote as much as needed.

Seamless Quote to Invoice with no manual effort

When the customer accepts the quote, you convert the sales quote to a sales invoice or a sales order in which you process the sale. Their account (if a new prospect) is then created in Business Central.

This process streamlines data transfer between sales team members and finance, generating and sending an invoice almost immediately upon close of sale.

Higher Customer Satisfaction Driven by Faster Invoicing and Payments

The Federal Reserve Bank released findings from a survey that found four out of five U.S. consumers are seeking faster payments, and 70% say having access to enhanced faster payment capabilities is an important satisfaction driver.

Other key findings from the survey included:

  • Nearly seven out of 10 consumers use mobile payment devices to send or receive payments.
  • Nearly 80% are interested in leveraging faster payments to pay businesses.
  • More than 60% of consumers want a real-time view of their account balance and immediate posting of payments they initiate.
  • 83% of consumers are using a fintech payment app or digital wallet at least occasionally to complete transactions, including 71% of those 55 and older.

Providing Self Service Options

While Business Central provides the capabilities to invoice faster, there’s still a need to provide real-time views of accounts for clients, and make paying invoices easier. That’s where iSolutions comes in. iSolutions integrates directly with Dynamics 365 Business Central and offers extended functionality that includes a self-service portal and fast online payment for a variety of options including credit card and ACH.

Empowered with these tools, your sales team can provide prospects and clients direct access to their order information and payment options.

More Time to Focus on New Sales

Offering a self-service portal and faster invoicing not only increases customer satisfaction, but helps your sales team close deals faster and ensure timely payment. With less paperwork and the elimination of manual data reentry, your sales team can move on to the next deal. And with a customer portal, your clients can always view their order and payment history, making future sales faster and easier.

If you’re currently using Dynamics 365, now is the time to empower your sales team with the ability to collect invoices faster using iSolutions. Reach out to our team to discuss how easy it is to get up and running with iSolutions.