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April 21, 2022

The iSolutions app now has a “Promise to Pay” feature to help you manage a timeline of when customers are going to pay open invoices. To set this up, first open Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and go to Collections Mgmt Settings. Under “General,” you will see a Promise to Pay dropdown.



Now, let’s go into a customer record and go to Actions > Collections. You can make a note on one or more of their past due invoices. Simply select the invoice(s) you wish to notate, and click “Note.”

Here, you can assign the PTP (promise to pay) Action ID and fill in a date the customer will pay by.

When you go to the Collections Manager, you can view your PTP reminders to review when you might expect customers to pay.

Once the customer pays their invoice(s), the reminder will automatically get marked as complete.

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