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I cannot recommend iSolutions highly enough! Not only have we saved time and improved efficiencies with our Microsoft Dynamics GP integration, but we saved money by switching to the software, so it was an instant ROI. On top of everything, iSolutions has been so easy and pleasant to work with and offers responsive support and training for our end users. A+ experience, all around!

iSolutions understood exactly what we wanted and allowed us to talk about our challenges directly with their software developer upfront. This gave us confidence iSolutions could resolve our quote-to-order issues. In addition to committing to implementing a solution within 10 days, they promised to keep working with us until the solution delivered on all the requirements.

We switched to iSolutions during the height of our tax season and achieved hundreds of dollars in the first two months. We recommend you take advantage of the excellent rates offered by iSolutions.”

Lindsey Humphrey, President

Joe Cagiano, National Sales Manager, SDiFire

Michael Jamison, Presidents, OnTarget CPA