Virtual Terminal

Accept payments directly from your web browser.

Accepting payment via cards or eChecks, directly from your computer’s web browser, could not be more simple than through CardPointe’s Virtual Terminal. It doesn’t even matter if the customer’s card is not present—you can initiate card-present or card-not-present authorizations, as well as captures, settlements, voids, and refunds. With Virtual Terminal, you can:

security lock icon

Easily and securely save customer payment information

iSolutions Payments-icons-swipepayment

Manually enter the customer’s payment information or swipe the payment card, if present

iSolutions Payments-icons-EMVTrans

Accept EMV transaction

iSolutions Payments--icons-no-receipt

Force a credit, even if the customer does not have a receipt

iSolutions Payments-icons-verify-payment

Verify a customer’s payment method without authorizing funds

iSolutions Payments-green and blue desktop icon

Add new or edit existing customer profiles

iSolutions Payments-laptop with search icon

Search for existing customer profiles to associate with a transaction

iSolutions Payments-icons-navigation

Navigate with ease—as part of the CardPointe web application, Virtual Terminal offers an intuitive user interface

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