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As MWS Wire Industries planned to migrate its on-premises ERP platform to the cloud, the company needed to change how it handles credit card transactions. MWS used to rely on a service that required manual processing. This included taking customer credit card information over the phone or asking customers to send information via multiple emails—so the card number, expiration date, and CVV number would not appear together in one email.

“This approach was not secure in protecting sensitive information,” says Brett Fancon, the IT Supervisor for MWS Wire Industries. “We wanted to follow cybersecurity best-practices, and the process was inefficient for us and our customers. With information manually noted and keyed into our system, it was also error-prone.

Another process Fancon wanted to streamline was collections. “Our customers often have multiple open invoices at any given point in time,” Fancon explains. “When reaching out on past due invoices, we had to create and save a PDF file for each invoice one at a time before emailing. This took a lot of time and it was easy for someone to forget to download or attach an invoice if there were many.”


iSolutions Provides the Answer

Fortunately for MWS, its new ERP platform—Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central—integrates seamlessly with a wide range of third-party solutions. This facilitated the process of converting to a new credit card payment and collections platform.

The solution that quickly emerged as the front-runner was the iSolutions credit card payment and collections platform.

“We collaborated with Western Computer on the Business Central deployment, and they recommended iSolutions as a partner they had worked with on many other Business Central implementations,” says Fancon. “Based on the strong reference from Western Computer, we felt confident iSolutions would meet our needs. After just one meeting with the iSolutions team, we were convinced and did not consider an alternative solution.”


Partner Collaboration Ensures Smooth Deployment

From there, the iSolutions deployment went extremely smooth. Part of the reason is how well the iSolutions and Western Computer teams work together to integrate Business Central with the iSolutions platform.

“Some third-party solution providers force customers to work through primary solution provider,” Fancon points out. “In this case, iSolutions gave us the OK to work with them directly. When necessary, iSolutions connected with Western Computer to iron out any issues with the Business Central integration. Both partners stay flexible in doing what works well for us.”

Another factor that streamlined the implementation is the training that iSolutions provides. This not only includes one-on-one presentations on how the platform works, but also video tutorials and user guides.


Automated Payments, Notifications and Postings

Once a customer submits payment information, their sales rep receives an email letting them know the customer has completed the form. The information is also automatically input into Business Central.

When iSolutions funnels batch credit card payments to the MWS bank account, the platform also kicks off a process to post the transactions to Business Central. “This all happens automatically behind the scenes,” says Fancon. “Another process we no longer have to handle manually thanks to iSolutions.”


Features Also Excite Customers

Another feature Fancon values is how iSolutions automatically applies the appropriate credit card fee to each invoice. “With our previous solution, we had to enter these charges manually,” says Fancon. “The iSolutions process saves us a lot of time and eliminates input errors—the charge is always accurate.”

When managing collections, the accounting team can go into the iSolutions platform and check off any overdue invoices for a customer. This triggers a process in Business Central that sends all the invoices in one email. Sending multiple invoices at once is a huge time saver given that many customers have multiple open invoices.

While MWS appreciates how iSolutions saves credit card and collections processing time and reduces input errors, MWS customers are just as excited. “The process is much easier for our customers,” Fancon stresses. “They spend less time submitting their credit card information and can more easily sort through open invoices.”


Flexible Capabilities Provide Potential Improvements

To further enable collections processes, Fancon plans to turn on an iSolutions feature that notifies customers when an invoice is about to reach the due date and then again if the invoice goes unpaid. Another potential feature allows customers to visit a portal where they can proactively see their invoices and manage payments.

“We may not take advantage of all the features iSolutions has to offer, but it’s good to know we can choose what to use based on our sales and accounting policies,” says Fancon. “And on top of how well the technology works, the iSolutions team is great to work with. They are always helpful and strive to make credit card processing and collections easy for us and our customers.”

To see how iSolutions can streamline your credit card payment and collections processes, book a demo today. Let us walk you through how you can transform your customer experiences and get paid faster.